December 2017

Donald Penwell

The featured artist for this month’s Art Squared Art Market is Donald Penwell. He has had an interest in art since he was very young. “For as long as I can remember, I have been painting and drawing; in fact, I consider myself self-taught, even though I have a degree in the basics of art from the International School of Art Minneapolis.” He continues, “I have worked with many different media, but now my work is mostly done in acrylics, pen and ink, and pastels. My interests are broad – I enjoy drawing and painting landscapes, animal wildlife, and abstract art, all of which require a different focus and perspective.” When asked about his background, Donald replies, “I moved to San Antonio in the late 1990s to pursue a dream of being a full-time artist, but could not do so at that time. I had to retire early due to health problems and I have been able to work as a full-time artist from home for the past several years. I’ve had work sold to individuals across the U.S. and Canada, as well as Australia and the United Kingdom, which is very gratifying.” Mr. Penwell praises the art scene in town, noting, “San Marcos has given me a place to display my work, and I would recommend the area to any artist trying to become better known. I believe the appreciation for art in San Marcos is great, and I appreciate the support I’ve received here. The world of art starts with a blank canvas, a dream, and time to create. Art is a way I can escape from reality and create work others may enjoy.” Stop by Donald Penwell’s booth at Art Squared and enjoy the fruits of his creativity.

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