July 2017

Jose Chapa

Featured Artist Jose Chapa, is the featured artist for July’s edition of Art Squared. Based out of San Antonio, he is a full- time metal artist who crafts his work in a wide variety of styles and formats. Mr. Chapa states, “Metal work has been my passion for more than 20 years now. I love to create beautiful things with it. I make decorative accessories, jewelry, custom gifts, lighting, metal-wrapped furniture, wall treatments, and one-of- a-kind art. Many of my pieces are constructed of thin copper and aluminum metal displayed on materials such as wood panel frames, furniture, and found objects.” When asked how he developed such an interest in metal, he says, “My love for art started as a young child. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, and was fortunate to visit and take field trips to the Page | 2 many grand museums there. In the summers, we would travel to visit family in Monterrey, Mexico, and that allowed me to go to the contemporary art museums there, and to also view the muralist paintings of Mexico City and the Ancient Aztec Pyramids; these all became great influences in my work.” Mr. Chapa continues, “As an adult, inspirational travel overseas, especially to Spain, Turkey, and Morocco have allowed me to appreciate the detailed and beautiful craft work of artisans. These journeys have helped shape my artistic spirit and eye for well-crafted objects.”  He notes in closing, “I am a self-taught artist, and continue to learn new metal-working techniques. In particular, I utilize working with patinas, which is the finishing and aging process, as well as brushing, crumpling, drawing, and metal embossing on metal surfaces.”   Be sure to visit Jose Chapa this month at Art Squared Art Market. You can also view his work online at www.chapa-art.com and www.facebook.com/chapametal.

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