March 2017

Fenna Berry

Fenna Berry is a multimedia artist residing in Central Texas. She is self-taught, and notes that she lives with schizophrenia, using her art as an outlet for therapy. Ms. Berry says, “I often utilize automatism, a method of creating art where one does not go in with a plan or image in mind and instead discover the image as it develops itself unconsciously.” She expands by stating, “All my works are highly personal. When I do have specific concepts or intentional imagery in mind, they stem from my own inner experiences. I find therapeutic benefit in transforming painful or frightening experiences into images that comfort me. I find all of my disturbing perceptions and anxiety leave when I make art.” Page | 2 She continues, “Currently, I’m unable to work or attend school because I’m disabled with schizophrenia, although I spend enough hours making art that it could be a job. I hope that one day I can become financially independent through my art. For now, I create art to survive and to thrive; it’s is meditative and ecstatic for me, my highest joy, my safe haven in life.” When asked when she began thinking of herself as an artist, Fenna Berry notes, “I have been making art as long as I can remember; but it has picked up significantly in the past five years. Lately, I have been working primarily in ink and gouache, but I also like to make meditative mixed media artwork with colored pencils, crayon, and watercolor.” She closes by saying, “I’m very inspired by art that is made by children and by laypeople who don't consider themselves ‘artists.’ I create art though I’m not formally trained. I believe art should be treated as a public health priority for all.” View Fenna Berry’s work or contact her via any one of these sites: http://fennaberry.com, http://facebook.com/fennber, http://instagram.com/fennber, or fennaberry@gmail.com.

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