May 2017

Ronnie Borden

"People may wish you good luck with your art, but art is not a game of chance.” That quote comes from the mouth of Ronnie Borden, the Art Squared Art Market’s 'Featured Artist’ for the month of May. A creator of bold and colorful abstract paintings, he says, “The titles of my paintings are like poems, only I use paint instead of words. I title them to help get you into the paintings and attract your attention. In addition, I make my own canvases and therefore some of the canvases are abstracts themselves.” Ronnie Borden has twice been a featured artist in So Rhode Island magazine; his work has also been chosen for inclusion in the New Art Review book Abstractions 2010. His artwork can be found hanging in nearly a dozen states across the country as well as in England. A serious painter, Ronnie is a funny man who always has a tale to tell. “My daughter said, ‘Dad, you know you won't be famous until you’re dead.’ So I told her that I'm going to be famous the old fashioned way and die. I want my paintings to have a long life; they are like my children and carry some form of immortality for me.” He continues the thought by noting, “That’s why I keep my prices so that working folks can afford an original work of art. I tell people to just hang on to them and when I'm gone, go to Antiques Roadshow and maybe you’ll get at least a million dollars for them." Ronnie Borden wraps up his commentary with another story. I once had a man in Newport, Rhode Island call me at night, saying he just loved my painting Valley of the Kings and that he wants to buy it, but that he doesn't have any money. Then he said, ‘Don't worry I'm going to rob a drug store tonight.” Before I could say anything, he added, “Just kidding, I'm getting a job on Monday.” When I called him on Monday, he told me he was sorry, but he didn't get the job. But I felt fine about it; I thought that not many artists have someone willing to rob a drug store to buy their art.” Along with a visit to Ronnie Borden’s booth at Art Squared, view his art at www.yessy.com/ronjon511.

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