November 2017

Rick Gonzales

The featured artist for this month’s Art Squared Art Market is Rick Gonzales. A longtime resident of San Marcos, he came to attend Southwest Texas State University in 1983, and never left town, working in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years; he currently works for Mensor. Rick is active in the community, serving as a board member and President of the San Marcos Manufacturers’ Association and also as a board member of the Greater San Marcos Partnership and of Leadership San Marcos. Rick recently developed a keen interest in the art of photography and discovered he has a eye for capturing unique images which express the beauty of our Hill Country. He says, “I’m completely self- taught and have not had any training or attended any formal classes in photography, but have learned to be unafraid of experimenting with my camera. I lean toward using black and white photography, as it seems to capture a haunting beauty that only the lens can see. Beauty is in the lens of the beholder!” He continues, “Like many passionate photographers, I will return to a location several times, sometimes spanning seasons, to capture the desired images. But frequently, it seems that I don’t have to search for that next image but that those special images and subjects find me. My work is an expression of faith, and many of my photos reflect biblical messages that I enjoy sharing with people who stop by my booth.” It is through the medium of art photography that Rick Gonzales found an avenue of expression of his life and his faith. So when he launched his new business in May of 2016, he named it Logos61 Photography. The word “logos’ is of Greek origin and means an “expression of,” most appropriate for his new-found passion. Rick continues to hone his craft and is pleased to share his work at art shows across Texas. View some of Rock Gonzales’ photographs at www.facebook.com/rgonzales61.

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