October 2017

Charlie Rehfeld

The featured artist for the Art Squared Art Market for October is Charlie Rehfeld, a San Antonio artist and businessman who makes a variety of musical instruments and accessories from cigar boxes for his business, Tejas Cigar Box Guitar Company. While he works primarily with wood, however, plans are in the works for cigar box guitars made of metal and tin, and more unusual objects. Charlie built his first cigar box guitar for his son. Seeing how much he enjoyed it, he built another, then a few more for friends and family. Attending his first Cigar Box Guitar Fest in Kansas City, Mo, was pivotal. With the inspiration of builders and musicians he met there, Charlie has not stopped building since and Tejas Cigar Box Guitar Co. was born. He now sells his instruments at artisan markets and festivals throughout Texas, and has made trips to festivals in Louisiana, Missouri, and Mississippi, where he enjoys showing and introducing his guitars. Page | 2 His cigar box guitars have been sent all over the country. and overseas to Australia, Japan, Norway and England. Since his retirement in 2016, Charlie is building full-time and enjoying it even more, taking pride in creating handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, custom stringed instruments. They are built to represent old school tradition with modern upgrades. View some of Charlie Rehfeld’s unique cigar box instruments at www.tejascigarboxguitarco.com.

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