October 13, 2018

Featured Artist: Debra Hanson

This month’s featured artist is Debra Hanson. Debra has enjoyed rich and eclectic experiences in the arts for over four decades. She has worked in a wide variety of disciplines including apparel, crafts, home décor, and artisan jewelry. After owning a storefront to showcase her work for several years in Houston, Debra entered the management industry in order to raise her son, Christopher. She worked for several commercial companies before securing a position in pre-operative services at MD Anderson Cancer Center. She continued to develop her artistic ideas, sharing her work with a select group of friends and family.

As her son approached college age, Debra experienced an unexpected yet extraordinary blessing with the birth of her twin sons, Joshua and Nicholas. She had overcome an array of challenges and illnesses and declared victory over cancer. Her fervor for life, commitment to her family, and passion to connect with others and enhance the world with her talents was evidenced by her tireless work ethic and volunteerism. Most of the artwork she produced at this time was donated for silent auctions and charities to raise money for non-profit art organizations in the Houston area. A few years later, when her eldest son came to San Marcos to attend graduate school at Texas State University, she felt a call to the city and knew it would not be long before she joined. Within a few years, she retired from MD Anderson and moved to San Marcos, which she now calls home. Shortly after the move, Debra welcomed the birth of her first grandchild, Emily.

Her new life as a full-time mother and grandmother served as the perfect inspiration to create new work, specifically in artisan jewelry. True to her passions and commitments, Debra donates a portion of her jewelry to local arts organizations to help raise funds for their work in the community, especially San Marcos CISD music programs and the SMART Orchestra, founded by her son, Christopher. She welcomed her second grandchild, Graham, into the world in 2017. Debra spends most of her time caring for her children and grandchildren and creating new work inspired by her life and community. Her jewelry has been featured in a number of local art shows and exhibits, and she also makes custom pieces upon request. She works with incredibly diverse new and vintage materials and utilizes many found and recycled objects from local antique shops and historical sites in
order to preserve the heritage and significance of San Marcos. View samples of Debra Hanson’s most recent artwork on Facebook at Twin Pearls. Be sure to stop by her booth at this month’s Art Squared and take a close look at her fine creations.