June 9, 2018

Featured Artist: Patrick Page-Sutter and SutterCraft 

Patrick Page-Sutter created the name SutterCraft to identify and brand his one-of-a-kind furniture and home décor items. All his pieces are created from various hardwoods, utilizing traditional woodworking techniques. Each item is unique and hand-crafted, including tables, lamps, cutting boards, and other décor items for the home.Patrick grew up raising dairy goats on the family farm in South Texas, and began working with tools, learning under the tutelage of his father and grandfather. 

Since that young age, he has been creating and building things for utilitarian purposes on the farm and for the challenge and artistic inspiration. Wanting to develop and broaden his artistic skills and training, Patrick studied at the University of the Incarnate Word, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He continued his schooling at Texas Tech University and received a Master of Fine Arts degree.   

 SutterCraft designs are inspired by the mid-century modern style and created with a focus on the contrast naturally present in different types of wood, highlighting color and grain characteristics as a key element of the pattern. Additional influences and inspirations include modern furniture design, Bauhaus school of design, David Smith, H.C. Westermann, and Yves Klein. 

Creating beautiful art and designs is a full-time job for Patrick, and building things stimulates his intellect, problem solving, and creativity. All items are produced in his woodworking and fabrication shop in Natalia, Texas.   Be sure to visit Patrick and the SutterCraft booth at the upcoming Arts Squared Arts Market. You can view his art online at www.suttercraft.com