March 10, 2018

Featured Artist: Ana Rae

Ana Rae

Anastacia Grone, better known as Ana Rae, is a talented young artist from San Marcos. She is a fine example of how vital a role art can play in the lives of our local youth. She explains,

“I’m an artist and daydreamer - the weird and unique kindle my creativity. I carry my sketchpad and ink pens with me wherever I go, since I find inspiration everywhere. I would like to think art is my full-time job - I hope it will be when I grow up. Right now, my full-time job is being a student.”

Now in middle school, Ana Rae has been creating art from a very early age.

“According to my mom, I've always been an artist. I would fall asleep as a toddler with crayons and markers in my hands. I'm mostly self-taught, but my dad is an artist and my mom and grandmother are interior designers, so I guess that creativity is in my DNA.”

When asked about her art, Ana Rae states,

 “I’m working to build my knowledge base of all mediums of art to discover what I like best. For the moment, I enjoy working with ink and watercolors, but I do also work with acrylics and digital art, and I'm still learning. My preferred medium can change with my inspiration; it comes mainly from music, my emotions and photography.”

In addition, she notes that she is attending art school to broaden her skills. 

“I’m paying for these classes, materials and supplies through the sales of my art. I appreciate that people find beauty in what I create. Making art provides an outlet that I gain happiness from. Creating art makes me happy.”

She is pleased to have a supportive community behind her. 

“I'm proud to be a part of the vibrant arts culture here. I'm a member of the San Marcos Art League, a student at The Contemporary Art School at Laguna Gloria in Austin, and The Dahlia Woods Gallery supports me and promotes my art. I feel art helps identify a city's culture. When I see the murals and public art in San Marcos, I think it helps visitors to see the fun, carefree side of our city.”

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