July 14, 2018

Featured Artist: Thomas Myers

This month’s featured artist, Thomas Myers, didn’t set out to be an artist. Trained as a machinist, he has worked in that capacity for the past 13 years. When asked what inspired him to create jewelry, he says,

“A few years ago, an artist friend jokingly told me I didn't have an artistic bone in my body. I took that
remark as a personal challenge. Now making art has now become my passion, though I still also work as
a machinist.” 

Through his business, Outlaw Artisan Jewelry, Thomas creates fine jewelry from diverse objects, primarily antique silverware, coins, and bullet casings. When asked how he acquired the artistic skills needed to move into this field, he replies, 

“I’m almost entirely self-taught; I watch You Tube videos and carefully look at the works of my peers.” 

He then quickly adds, 

“A friend did teach me how to solder.”

Now calling San Marcos home, Thomas was born in Aransas Pass, near Corpus Christi. His family moved to Madisonville, a small town north of Huntsville, when he was 4 years old. Growing up there, he enjoyed hunting, fishing, playing ironman football, as well as various art programs offered to him. Thomas continues to build his skill set, branching into new areas of artistry; recently he began making silver wire jewelry and is also working on several sculpture projects. He believes that his works embody the spirit of Texas. An active member of the San Marcos Art League, Thomas Myers displays his creative works at Art Squared and the DuBois Art Gallery, a local pop-up art market. In closing, he says that his passion for art has had an impact on the way he views the world.

 “Art is important for beauty, passion, diversity, and inspiration. I believe the arts in San Marcos reflects these things.” 

Art Squared is pleased to feature the work of Thomas Myers and Outlaw Artisan Jewelry.View his work online at Etsy, under OutlawArtisanJewelry, and on his Facebook page, Outlaw Jewelry.