Featured Musician: Roy Brothers

Billy Roy, singer-songwriter of The Mismatch, and his brother, Anderson Roy, have joined musical forces in a collaborative effort to create authentic and intentional music. Growing up in a musical family, the craft is deeply embedded into their roots. Sharing not only the bond of brotherhood, but a gift for music, the two complement one another naturally. Both brothers have active musical careers. Billy is a founder of the Mismatch, a band that defies easy categorization. Self-styled as an Americana-Folk, Bluegrass, Rockabilly band, they break molds and bend genres with their own thoughtful and unique musical twists. Younger brother Anderson plays bass with the pop-punk band Moronic Behavior and the indie-folk band Much 2 Much. Billy’s unique and dynamic songwriting is put into new light with the enrichment of Anderson’s intentional and poetic bass-guitar style and harmonies, creating a musical chemistry with a dynamic that emotes both reverence and energy. Giving life to the sounds of a folksome brotherhood, the Roy Brothers aim to create meaningful music with intention and authenticity. Hear the Mismatch at www.mismatchmusic.com, Moronic Behavior at www.moronicbehavior.com, and Much 2 Much at http://much2muchmusic.com, and come hear the Roy Brothers live at Art Squared!