Featured Musicians: Eric Gerber 3

This month Art Squared features the music of the Eric Gerber 3, who will entertain with a mix of acoustic music that crosses musical genres, with a focus on western swing, as well as folk, bluegrass and more.After taking up piano at age 4, Eric took up guitar and songwriting when he was 12, saying, “My early influences were typical for that era: Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Neil Young.” In 1998, Eric came to Texas for the Kerrville Folk Festival. He loved the scene there and returns annually.He adds, “Two years later, I was in their songwriter contest. Although I wasn’t one of the finalists, I met the woman who became my wife, so I consider myself to have been the grand prize winner.”Eric works full-time as a middle school teacher; living with his family in a house he helped build between Wimberley and Blanco that is 100% solar-powered, with all water coming from rainwater collection. “I getto teach great kids how to become great students and dreamers; I help them find and follow their passions and turn those passions into a career.” And, of course, Eric still has a passion for music.In 2012, Eric joined a band that included percussionist Jeff Hogan. “When we split up, Jeff and I decided to perform as a duo. Just before our first gig, Jeff said he had invited Greg Lowry to join us, saying he could play almost any instrument with a sensitivity and virtuosity that would lend color to our music. So I first met Greg on stage, and from the first song, it was clear there was something magical between us.”The Eric Gerber 3 are committed to keeping their music fresh and alive. “All the songs are lyrically interesting, melodic, with a deep sense of groove. There are lots of great songs; we try to interpret and share as many of my favorite songwriters’ songs as possible. For this show, we look forward to sharing some western swing covers, some of my originals, and those of fellow songwriters. It should be a great show!” Listen to the Eric Gerber 3 at www.ericgerberthree.com