Featured Musicians: Mauricio and Teresita Callejas

Mauricio and Teresita Callejas provide exciting and lively music this month, starting at 1:00 p.m. Based now in Austin, Mauricio grew up in El Salvador. Accompanied by his wife, Teresita, they sing about daily life, simple things that happen right before our eyes. Their music is greatly influenced by popular rhythms of Latin America, with a special emphasis on Central America music.

 His compositions are meaningful and touching, blended with rhythms that delight audiences. Cumbia, Latin jazz, rock, parranda, salsa, and calypso are just a few of the elements in his wide-ranging repertoire. You can hear examples of their music at http://mauriciocallejas.com.

Mauricio and Teresita Callejas

 Mauricio has performed in venues in Latin America, the United States, and Canada over the last 20 years. He released his first CD, Cosas de la Calle, in his native El Salvador in 2002. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Austin to continue his studies and pursue a career in songwriting and recording. He has recorded two more albums, with the most recent being Helado Pop, released in 2012.

The founder of the first songwriter directory of Central America, www.centroamericanto.com, Mauricio also produces an annual singer-songwriter festival called Centroamericanto Fest in Austin. In addition, he produces a weekly radio program that is broadcast on radio stations around the world.