June 2017

Kelany Brent, Katha Harris and Samuel Billew

Featured Musicians This month features three up and coming young performers from the area. The music kicks off at 1:00 p.m. with Kelany Brent. She has always enjoyed music, playing piano on and off since she was little. But it wasn’t until May 2016 that she picked up a guitar and started strumming. She says, “This opened up a whole new world for me. In the last year, I’ve been playing gigs in San Marcos, Martindale, and San Antonio. In addition, I had the opportunity to record a CD with several amazing local artists this April.” When asked what drives her to perform, she states simply, “With my music, I hope to make people laugh, cry, and love, all at the same time. Being able to do that for people is the greatest feeling in the whole world. I look forward to continuing to expand my career in music.” Following at 2:00 p.m. is Katha Harris. Don’t let this Native Texas singer/songwriter fool you with her petite stature and calm demeanor. Katha’s Texas roots and trademark fiery red curls along with her powerful vocals are a recipe for her passion and determination to be a musical trailblazer with her unique lyrics and sound, creating a sublime blend of alternative country, blues, and folksy Americana. Katha discovered through songwriting who she is as an artist, noting, “When I first arrived in Nashville in my grandmother’s hand-me-down Buick, I thought I was country and I thought I wanted to write the kind of country music being played on radio. However, the more I write, the more I find my true self in the music that I create. The more I’m left to my own devices, the more layers of me you’re going to get.” Katha’s first memory of performing in front of an audience was when she had to sing a verse of the Hokey Pokey in a grade-school production. “I distinctly remember what I was wearing, and how terrified I was!” She began taking piano lessons in fourth grade and later learned guitar. She developed some of her songwriting skills by delving into poetry during high school. Page | 3 “I seek out and learn from artists who have established themselves as uniquely ‘set apart,’ such as Patty Griffin and Hayes Carll. Studying talented artists helps me develop and hone my own style. Because when it comes to my songwriting, I try never compare to myself to anyone else. Everyone has a different style, and I put time and effort into always developing and improving myself and my craft.” Listen to the music of Katha Harris at www.kathaharris.com. The music wraps up with the performance of Samuel Billew, who will start at 3:00 p.m. A resident of Wimberley, sings and plays in a wide range of styles, mixing blues, soul, folk, and rock. Samuel is a talented guitarist with a soulful voice, and he is sure to entertain you. Preview some of his music at www.reverbnation.com/decentfiction and https://soundcloud.com/belleaumusic.

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