July 2017

SMART Orchestra

The featured organization this month is the SMART Orchestra. The San Marcos Artists’ Retention and Training Orchestra (SMART) is dedicated to the enhanced appreciation and understanding of orchestral music in San Marcos and its surrounding communities. Established eight years ago, the orchestra was built upon the ideas to retain the talent that already exists in the community and to train them to become better musicians. The SMART Orchestra works to achieve its goals by providing an opportunity for developing musicians to perform and learn in a full symphony orchestra as well as through a free, community concert series, various educational outreach opportunities, and instructor and internship programs. The SMART Orchestra is designed to be an outlet for every individual interested in the study and performance of orchestral music and we encourage participants to contribute their time, talent, and skill to better serve the orchestra’s mission. Whether you are a member of our audience, performing in the Page | 3 SMART viola section or serving on the SMART Board, your enthusiasm and curiosity are welcome in an environment of acceptance and growth. Art Squared Arts Market is honored to recognize the SMART Orchestra as its featured community organization for the month of July. Be sure to stop by their booth to learn more and offer support. Find out more about this valuable community organization at www.smartorchestra.com.

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